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Chapter III

By 1972, Colette’s love for Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 hadn’t abated. It was just as strong as it was during the spring of 1970, when Colette and her friends heard “I Want You Back” on the radio while hanging out on our front stoop. Colette’s room had become more of a shrine to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Her walls, ceiling, and closet doors were inundated with posters and images she’d accumulated over the years. There was rarely bare space on her bedroom walls. Her dresser top and lamp stands were cluttered with Jackson 5 album covers. The mirror on her dresser had become covered in cut-out pictures of Michael Jackson to the point where she could barely see her reflection. Her collection of albums would continue to grow with the release of Michael Jackson’s solo album Got to Be There. This album contained what would become some of Colette’s favorites like “Got to Be There,” “Rockin’ Robin,” and “I Wanna Be Where You Are.”